Project summary and results

Erasmus+ project Internships abroad as a chance for the intensification of the professions: technical construction and landscape architecture, which we are a partner is going to be finished soon. After two weeks mobility of students from the school, it is time to promote the results and evaluate all the work we put into that common initiative.

Those two activities are very important for us, as in that way we can spread positive impact of the project and reach also other target groups. If it comes to the evaluation, we would like to discuss what was wrong and what went totally fine, to avoid similar mistakes in the future.
That why, we used many various methods to make a proper and efficient evaluation, which are: meetings with the students during mobility, meetings between teachers and Greek mentors, questionnaires, also that one in Mobility Tool+ system. We also invited Director of the Polish school to come to Greece during stay of his students, to check how conditions looks like, as we put really big effort in fulfilling our promises from the beginning.

In order to promote the results of the project, there were also many activities done. For example, school were sharing post on dedicated fan page on Facebook platform, which described internship day by day. They also published article on their website and created great brochure about the project, which they are using to promote it during many different events.
Worth mentioning is also evaluation report, which summing up all the project and its impact in students, sending organization as much as hosting organization, which is – GEORGIKES EKMETALEUSEIS & TRAINING SERVICE.

We have to admit, that cooperation between both organization went without any troubles and miscommunication problems. We were solving issues really fats, thanks to good communication and understanding on both sides. Also, it was very important that we had common target, which is good of students, who were man beneficiaries of the project. In the same time, also we were improving our potential and possibilities. Also, thanks to the project, it was possible to create some kind of discussion platform between business and education sector. We could talk about main problem and needs of both, thanks to that they will be able to adapt to modern needs of job market.

Some of the results prepared within the project, such as project’s brochure and projects evaluative report, can be found below:










As we find our cooperation and common work really fruitful and efficient, we already decided that we will try to apply for the project one more time, and give the chance to have foreign internship for another group of students.


Keep the finger crossed!

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