1st mobility under our common project

In the period 9th-20th of April 2018 we had a great pleasure to host first group from Szydłów on the practices in Greece. 20 Car vehicles technicians has already did their internships, performing a lot of professional tasks, while being in Greece. They were working in Auto Service Stelios, implementing their theoretical knowledge gained at School in practice, while performing everyday job.

In terms of performed activities, students did the practical tasks, indicated and supervised by people dedicated to coordination on-site practices. The tasks they fulfilled were – among others – the following:

– organizing the work of servicing and repairing car vehicles in accordance with the applicable requirements;

– documenting the acceptance of the vehicle for diagnosis;

– identifying the vehicle on the basis of the rating plate and VIN;

– identifying the engine based on the serial numbers;

– placing the vehicle in a diagnostic position and protect it against damage or unintentional displacement;

– choosing tools, devices and determining the scope and select the methods for the diagnosis of systems and components of internal combustion engines, chassis, drive, braking, steering and vehicle body;

– using design, technological and operational documentation in the diagnosis process;

– assessing the technical condition of the elements of the internal combustion engine, systems and vehicle body based on the measurements and results of the diagnosis;

– locating damages in vehicle components;

– determining the scope of repair and estimate the costs of vehicle components to be replaced or repaired;

– maintaining automotive assemblies and subassemblies;

– using devices, tools and instruments to test the vehicle after repair;

– locating damages in vehicle components.

They could also gain or develop skills in scope of intercultural learning. It was made mostly through the implementation of the cultural program under the project. The group have visited Meteora complex, went to the trip to Skiathos island, as well as visited Vergina, Old Panteleimon and Litochoro valley.

All of the experiences will stay with youth for their whole life and we are glad that members of our team could participate in this process!

Find some photos from this mobility below.




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