20 Nutrition and food services technicians in Greece, so the second mobility has passed!

Just after the return of the first group, next participants from Szydłów came to Greece. We had a great pleasure to host in the period 23rd of April to 4th of May 2018 17 Nutrition and food services technicians from ZSP CKU. They were all working in the kitchen and restaurant of San Panteleimon Hotel, where they could gain some useful skills, acquire new knowledge and competences about their profession.

While realizing the traineeship lasting together 80-hours, students did the practical tasks, indicated and supervised by people dedicated to coordination on-site practices. The tasks they fulfilled were – among others – the following:

– organizing a workplace in accordance with the applicable requirements;

– preparation of dishes and drinks based on recipes;

– choosing methods and techniques to perform specific dishes and drinks;

– choosing spices for a specific dish or drink;

– distinguishing between machinery and equipment used in gastronomic production and food and beverage expedition;

– use of catering equipment in order to perform professional tasks;

– planning the stages of preparing dishes and drinks or semi-finished products;

– organizing work positions for particular stages of preparing dishes or drinks or semi-finished products;

– applying the rules for securing food and drinks until the moment of dispatch;

– weighing or measuring food and drinks according to a given portion size;

– applying adopted rules for portioning, decorating (arranging) dishes or drinks;

– planning the production of food and drinks for a group of consumers;

– applying the principles of rational nutrition while planning meals;

– use a variety of customer service methods;

– settling the costs of services performed;

– applying the rules for setting tables;

– applying the principles of washing, care and storage of various types of equipment and tableware.

Of course, there was also some free time during which everyone could use the opportunity to be near the seaside, in beautiful Greek nature. The weekend was dedicated for the cultural activities and students have visited Meteora, as well as went to Skiathos tour.

Photos presenting time spent in Greece by this group below 🙂

See You next time!

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