Forward cooperation between GETS and ZS CKU in Czarnocin

We have a bit pleasure to announce, that project „Practice without borders” no. 2018-1-PL-1-KA102-048141, of our partner school ZS CKU in Czarnocin has been approved and is getting started this month! You can find more details below:

Duration: 01/09/2018 – 31/08/2019 (12 months)

Project partners: ZS CKU in Czarnocin (Poland) and Georgikes Ekmetaleuseis & Training Services (Greece)

The main objective of the project is to increase the attractiveness and quality of vocational education and to create opportunities for the development of competences 32 students, which in the near future could contribute to their future chances for employability and self-employment in Poland and throughout the European Union.

The implementation of the project is also aimed at:

  • gaining valuable professional experience in an international environment by project participants,
  • improvement of students ‚practical skills in order to raise their potential attractiveness and competitiveness on the European market,
  • increasing the mobility of participants through the promotion of other European countries,
  • increasing efficiency in the search for new experiences and continuous expansion of knowledge and competences needed to self-improvement of their skills,
  • influence on raising the level of vocational education in the region,
  • shaping the local community European awereness,
  • adjusting the content of vocational education to the needs of the constantly changing labor market,
  • strengthening the self-confidence of project participants, helping to move freely in the European labor market,
  • increasing the practical skills as well as social, linguistic and cultural competences of students of the school, and this may result in a faster way of finding a job,
  • deepening the European integration process among students by increasing the possibility of establishing contacts with Greek peers, which may result in finding a common ground for building international friendships,
  • expanding knowledge about the culture and customs of the Greeks, as well as countries from the Mediterranean region,
  • establishing long-term cooperation between ZSCKU and the Greek partner and other foreign companies,
  • enriching the educational offer of the school based on the exchange of good practices with a foreign partner,
  • raising the school’s prestige in the local environment, which may result in attracting new students who want to develop themselves towards vocational education.

The project will be attended by 32 students of ZSCKU in Czarnocin, educating in the following specialties: nutrition and catering services technician (16 people planned initially) as well as agriculture technician and landscape architecture technician (planned for a total of 16 people). The majority of school students are people with so-called fewer opportunities, among which there are not only issues related to personal and professional development, but also to receiving motivation and support in the implementation of activities going beyond those provided under the core program at school.

As part of the planned activities are the project activities Preparatory (September 2018), recruitment process (October 2018), preparation of the participants (November 2018-March 2019), 2-week mobility in Greece (April 2019), certification, monitoring activities and evaluation of partial (April-May 2019) and the final phase of the project including dissemination activities, evaluation, settlement of the project and prepare a report (May-June/August 2019). During the educational mobility in Greece, 32 participants will take professional practices prepared by a Greek partner in cooperation with other institutions. The participants on the spot will be supported by the mentors from the School and the Greek partner. Among the methods used will be the entire range of practical activities, using learning by experience and approaches of non-formal education, during which the participants will be able to see in practice how to work and use the knowledge they gained so far in the school. Additionally, it is planned to use various tools for evaluation, validation of learning outcomes and to evaluate the progress of the work and effectiveness of the project.

Participation in the project can have a positive effect on the career prospects of participants, making them more attractive candidates in the labor market. Students will be better prepared to meet the needs of the labor market, contributing also to the development of enterprises, where they would find employment. Given to them the idea of lifelong learning will contribute to their development, transferred to local communities, will exert greater influence and add value for the greater part of the population than just the school and its surrounding environment young people have become a role model and set an example to their peers and immediate, motivating them to take action and contribute to the development of their region.

If you are looking for more information, feel free to contact us!