Second mobility behind us!


From 18thtill 29thof March we had a pleasure to host another group of students from Sokolow Podlaski. This time, there were 45 students and 5 teachers. The profile engaged in this project was as followed: IT technician (22 students), Cook (6 students), Hospitality Technician (7 students) and Economic Technician (10 students). All together we were implementing internship program which was created on the beginning of our cooperation.

During the internship which lasted 80 hours for 10 days, they have a great opportunity to develop their professional skills, improve linguistic competition, mainly on English language, gain some knowledge and worth work experience. Practical learning is the very important nowadays, so we wanted to create environment which is real, not artificial work environment. Thanks to that, it is much more positive for students development than normal school workshops. It is all about contacting with workmates, realizing real work tasks and duties and having responsibilities for our own decision.

Second mobility was also a opportunity to summarize and evaluate so far cooperation between our both organization. We have to admit that communication was on the very high level. Every problem we faced of, was very quickly discussed and solved thanks to that project reached planned goals or all of engaged students and teachers were satisfied with taking part in it.

Students during those 12 days not only work a lot, but also had an opportunity to get to know each other better, as much as Greece with its culture, history and habits. They also became friends with their Greek mentors, who were for them not only support during a work, but also person who can they speak with about their problems, about their future profession plans etc. We didn’t predict that they will get so close to each other.

At this point, we can inform you that we were applied for the second Erasmus+ project. We are looking forward to a moment when polish National Agency will announce the results and we hope their will be positive. Now, we are inviting you to see few photos from the second mobility.




If you are looking for more information, feel free to contact us!