Practices of 32 students from ZS CKU in Czarnocin done with a great success!

32 students of ZS CKU in Czarnocin completed 2-week internship programs for the following profiles:

1) Nutrition and food services technician;
2) Landscape architecture technician;
3) Agriculture technician.

The main objective of the project was to increase the attractiveness and quality of vocational education and to create opportunities for the development of competences 32 students, which in the near future could contribute to their future chances for employability and self-employment in Poland and throughout the European Union.

The implementation of educational mobility and their vocational practices was aimed at:
– gaining valuable professional experience in an international environment by project participants;
– increasing students’ practical skills in order to increase their potential attractiveness in the labor market;
– increasing pupils’ competitiveness on the European market;
– increasing the mobility of participants through the promotion of European countries;
– increasing efficiency in the search for new experiences and continuous expansion of knowledge and competences needed to self-improve their skills;
– shaping European consciousness;
– adjusting the content of vocational education to the needs of the changing labor market – strengthening the self-confidence of project participants helping to move freely on the European labor market;
– increasing the practical skills and social, language and cultural competences of school pupils;
– deepening the European integration process among students by increasing the likelihood of peer-peer contacts with Greek peers; broadening knowledge about the culture and customs of Greeks, as well as countries from the Mediterranean region.

In addition to acquiring and developing professional competences, students also had the opportunity to gain a range of soft skills. These are primarily experience related to communing with the culture of the country where they were and in which the practices were implemented – Greece. During the project, there was also cooperation and work in groups, in order to acquire the ability to cooperate with other people and to take responsibility for the tasks they perform. All this meant that the students became more active and open and broke down the barriers resulting, inter alia, in the field of foreign language. During the language course organized as part of the preparation for the trip, the students learned a specialist language which allowed to reduce the limitations and obstacles in the efficient fulfillment of duties at the place of the project. As part of a stay in Greece, a cultural program was implemented that allowed students to develop a whole range of cultural competences, which is an additional value of the trip!

As shown by the reports that reached through the recent mobility activities have gone without any problems, bringing a number of positive effects, led by increasing the professional competence of our participants! The internships have been prepared and implemented in cooperation with the Greek partner Georgikes Ekmetaleuseis & Training Services, as well as local enterprises of the hotel and catering industry, agriculture and companies dealing in green areas at the Olympic Riviera.

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