Project idea

Within the framework of the project „Conquering European practices from ZSZ Pułaski in Gorlice” (pl. “Podbój europejskich praktyk z ZSZ Pułaskiego w Gorlicach”) will be carried out between June 2019 and May 2020 and will be attended by 40 students from the ZSZ Pułaski in Gorlice who are trained in the profession of Building Technician (15 people) and Nutrition and Food Service Technician (25 people). Additionally, 4 teachers will be present during the trip, who will act as accompanying persons.

The aim of participation in the project is to create opportunities for professional, cultural and personal development of the students of ZSZ in Gorlice through the implementation of foreign internships in accordance with the framework internship program. Within the framework of the mobility the students will perform practical tasks under the guidance of a Greek mentor. An additional element will be a cultural programme in which the whole group will take advantage of interesting optional trips or leisure time animation.

Thanks to the project „Conquering European internships with ZSZ Pułaski in Gorlice” the participants will have the opportunity to gain professional experience on the international level, which will certainly increase their chances on the future labour market. The project will allow to use the theoretical knowledge acquired at school in practice. Thanks to the trip, language skills of both students and teachers will be significantly improved. The knowledge of English is nowadays the basic skill required by employers.

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