Project Idea

The project entitled „Step towards Europe”, in which the Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski School No. 4 in Warsaw participates, assumes the departure of 40 students and 4 teachers for a two-week internship abroad to Greece on 09.2020. The planned mobility will affect the language skills, both in terms of colloquial expressions and specialized industry language, which students will use during preparation and during the internship. In addition, participants will learn about the current methods and requirements of the labor market in professions such as: economist, tourist service technician, advertising organization technician. The mobility activity will influence the development of students’ soft skills, which will include:

– group work,

– creativity,

– coping with stress,

– adapting to new situations,

– making decisions and using alternative methods and tools at work. The planned activities will be important in establishing new contacts both between peers and international contacts. As part of the mobility, students will complete apprenticeships and a cultural program.

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