Project results

In the project „Conquering European practices from ZSZ Pułaski in Gorlice” (pl. “Podbój europejskich praktyk z ZSZ Pułaskiego w Gorlicach”) carried out between October and November 2019, was attended by a total of 40 students from ZSZ K. Pulaski in Gorlice, including 15 students studying construction techniques and 25 studying nutrition and food services. Additionally, four teachers were present during the trip, who acted as accompanying persons.

Among the learning outcomes that were acquired and/or developed by the project participants were both professional competences, targeted at each of the profiles – Building Technician and Nutrition and Food Service Technician – and general/social competences, which are similar for all participants, as they ensure equal opportunities and conditions for all pupils involved in the project. Within the professional competences developed by the participants:

Specific competences and professional skills acquired by students with a professional profile in Building:

– Knowledge of construction documentation (construction logbook, work schedule).

– Knowledge of material documents circulation, workers’ work accounting, acceptance of construction works.

– Knowledge and use of different types of equipment and building materials for work.

– Ability to perform construction works of raw state – building structures, reinforcement, assembly.

– Knowledge of the operation of the AUTOCAD program and the ability to perform projects in a computer program.

Specific competences and professional skills acquired by students with a professional profile in Nutrition and Food Service Technician:

– Knowledge of food storage principles.

– Ability to prepare semi-finished products for heat treatment.

– Ability to prepare menus.

– Knowledge of the principles of preparing food from milk and eggs, meat from slaughter animals and poultry, flour, dough and dessert.

– The ability to prepare lunch dishes.

– The ability to prepare flour dishes, dough for desserts, baking cakes and pastries.

– Ability to prepare local Greek dishes.

– The ability to prepare fish and seafood dishes, appetisers.

– Knowledge of how to prepare and display dishes and drinks. 

During the 12-day mobility they also had a rich cultural programme, allowing them to see with their own eyes the most beautiful places in Greece, such as the beautiful and picturesque island of Skiathos with the golden beach of Koukounaries. A magical place such as Meteors – a complex of monasteries built on rocks and local excursions to Panteleimon Castle, and to the stone enchanted village of Paleos Panteleomonos.

All participants in the project have acquired or developed their language competences – to use English in practice, have developed teamwork skills during the implementation of professional tasks, have broadened cultural awareness and tolerance to cultural or racial differences. Their responsibility for their own development has also increased, as well as the development of entrepreneurship and social and professional activity.

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