Between 14th and 25th of October 2019 we had pleasure to host 45 students who were accompanied by 4 teachers in San Pantaleimon Hotel. They came to Greece to carry their internship program in frame of “Professional internships as an opportunity for development for young people from the Powisle Dąbrowski region” project, which is implemented by Zespol Szkol im. K.K. Baczynskiego w Dabrowie Tarnowskiej In first mobility took part 14 students from each profile: Logistic Technician, Hospitaly Technician and IT Technician.

During their stay, student implemented 80 hours internship program in Greek, well-known companies. Hospitality Technician worked in San Pantaleimon Hotel, IT Technician worked in Wizcom OE, and Logistics Technician worked in Asos Karagiannis Sales & Logistics. Thanks to engagement of their mentors it was great opportunity to increase their chances on the labour market in the future. First of all they learned how to behave in real work-space and work under a pressure of time. Those are really experience which can be gained by having workshops in school. What is more, thay had opportunity to use or test skills and knowledge which they received from the school. They could also get some new which was also accomplished. To sum up, they got new experience, knowledge and skills which can’t be taken from school which is big added value of the project.

Work and learning were essential part of mobility, but there were also some fun and different kind of experience, also useful. Cultural programe created opportunity to get to know Greece better. Group has seen Meteora, Skaithos island, Old Pantaleimon, Leptokarya, Platamonas Castle. They also took part in Greek evening, full of dances, songs and typicall plays. History and culture of our country is not difficult for them anymore. It was also very important part of the project, which impacted students a lot. Especially that part of them have never been abroad.

On the end of the mobility, we distributed project’s certificates. They will help participants in looking for a job in the future.  We also took part in the evaluation, which showed that project were not only well-planned, but also well-implemented. We are really happy that group came back home in good moods. We hope that second group will be also satisfied.

If you want to be updated with the project, please check facebook fanpage where you can find many photos and other interesting materials:że-zawodowe-szansą-rozwoju-dla-młodzieży-z-regionu-Powiśla-Dąbrowskiego


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