1st Mobility




The first group of students from ZSGH has finalized their mobility in Greece as part of the project entitled “Experience and passion are the key to success”. Between July 5th and 16th we hosted 30 students from Zespół Szkół Gastronomiczno-Hotelarskich in Warsaw. The group included students form two profiles:

  • nutrition and catering services technicians – 15 students
  • hospitality technicians – 15 students

The group was accompanied by three teachers, who worked tirelessly to ensure their safety and provided continuous support to the group and individual students among them. Together with mentors from our organizations and companies with which we have cooperated, they have created a safe environment for students’ development.

The students participating in the project have implemented an 80 hour long vocational education internship, during which they have developed many professional and social skills. Throughout their mobility, they have had to participate in many tasks and activities. The implemented them either individually or in mixed group, depending on the task on hand. Providing an opportunity for these students to work in a live environment of a hotel / restaurant gave them the chance to experience being a part of an organization. They had the opportunity to learn from practitioners and through practice. The new knowledge and experience gained, which has been proven by certificates, can be incorporated into the students’ CVs and support them in achieving their goals of receiving a desired job.

The program of the mobility for these students also included cultural aspects. It consisted of trips and leisure time, which were meant to show the participants the Greek culture and the marbles of tourism in Greece. Through trips to Meteora, Skiathos and Thessaloniki we presented to the students important aspects of Greece and its culture.

As a final aspect of the mobility, we have conducted an evaluation of the overall time spent by the participants in Greece. The students have left positive responses as for the organizations and implementation of the project, but now we aim to improve it ahead of the second group, which already preparing to come.

If you want to follow the developments of the side of ZSGH, please check their Facebook fanpage where they continue to publish new photos and information about their activities: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=4319502858072107&id=257108550978245

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