ZS nr 4 w Warszawie im. Eugeniusza Kwiatkowskiego.

Between 14-25 September 2020, a group of 40 students from Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski School No. 4 in Warsaw, took part in a 12-day internship abroad, carried out as part of the project „Step towards Europe”. The assumption of this project was to enable the vocational and personal development of our students who have been chosen from the following professional majors: Economist Technician, Advertising Organization Technician, Tourism Service Technician, in total there were 40 people. A two-week foreign mobility was planned in Greece, in which also took part pupils with fewer opportunities. The idea of joining the project was a result of the diagnosis of the needs of our students, teachers, analysis of the labor market and changing conditions in the environment which school has made before start of the project.

Students of our school thanks to participation in the project have a chance to better prepare them for further stages of education and moving around the labor market, taking into account their individual developmental and educational needs. Creating opportunities for foreign practice make it easier for students to function on the national as well as global job market.

The assumed objectives of the project had an impact both on the participants, including students and teachers, and on both sides (school and our organization), raising its level of education, on other students thanks to sharing project results, on parents who had participate in information meetings and signing documents and on other entities that are related to the school. We should also mention professional companies that received potential qualified employees with international knowledge and experience, which is also the goal of the project. The additional goal of the project is the desire to acquire new candidates for education in school, who will be able to train in selected occupations, both on national practices, as well as participating in foreign youth mobility projects in future.

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Between 14 and 25 September 2020, a group of 40 students from Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski School No. 4 in Warsaw, studying economics, tourist services technician and advertising organization technician, took part in a 12-day internship abroad, carried out as part of the project „Step towards Europe”.

During this time, the project participants implemented an apprenticeship programme, improving their existing professional skills, but also gaining new experience.

1) The Advertising Organization Technician has learned:

  1. a) Selecting promotion tools and means of presenting the advertising message.
  2. b) Developing price lists for advertising products and services.
  3. c) Distinguish between the elements of marketing.
  4. d) Preparation of a schedule for the preparation of advertising measures.
  5. e) Preparation of information regarding the advertising campaign.
  6. f) Preparing an advertising campaign.

2) Technician Economist has learned:

  1. a) Methods and manners of collecting market information by entrepreneurs.
  2. b) Preparation of sales documents in computer programs used in

the enterprise.

  1. c) Knowledge of standards related to the storage and preservation of goods.
  2. d) Carrying out sales price calculations using various methods.
  3. e) Stock management evaluations based on optimal stock levels.

3) The tourist service technician has learned:

  1. a) Organizing tourist activities.
  2. b) Organizing tourist events and services.
  3. c) Serving customers using tourist services.
  4. d) Settlement of tourist events and services.
  5. e) Implementation of tourist events and services.

In addition, during free time and weekend days, the group went on day trips to the monasteries in Meteora, a boat trip to the picturesque island of Skhiatos, visiting the second largest city of Greece – Thessaloniki and the local castle of Platamon, from which there is a view of the surrounding area, where the group is practicing.




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The project entitled „Step towards Europe”, in which the Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski School No. 4 in Warsaw participates, assumes the departure of 40 students and 4 teachers for a two-week internship abroad to Greece on 09.2020. The planned mobility will affect the language skills, both in terms of colloquial expressions and specialized industry language, which students will use during preparation and during the internship. In addition, participants will learn about the current methods and requirements of the labor market in professions such as: economist, tourist service technician, advertising organization technician. The mobility activity will influence the development of students’ soft skills, which will include:

– group work,

– creativity,

– coping with stress,

– adapting to new situations,

– making decisions and using alternative methods and tools at work. The planned activities will be important in establishing new contacts both between peers and international contacts. As part of the mobility, students will complete apprenticeships and a cultural program.

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