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Georgikes Ekmetaleuseis & Training Services, based in Platamonas on the Olympic Riviera in the Pieria region, is an experienced Greek host organization, working under mobility programs since 2011, specializing in vocational education, organizing internships for students and graduates. During their stay, he deals in comprehensive organization of apprenticeship programs (jobs, practical classes, study visits, workshops) as well as trips and programs within the cultural program.

The main fields of the company’s activity are apprenticeships and internships for students of technical and vocational schools in the area of agribusiness, agriculture, tourism (including HORECA) and agri-food industry, trade as well as logistics and project management that accompany selected sectors. Company cooperates with many agri-food enterprises as well as agritourism and agricultural farms on the Olympic Riviera and more widely in the region of Pieria and Thessaly, which are one of the most developed regions of Greece according to agriculture and tourism.

Georgikes Ekmateleuseis is an open door to new projects, where citizens and communities can realize their ideas and their dreams. Our structure is based on the work of our Human Resources, which aims at intercultural learning, through unpaid internships, language courses, training sessions, seminars and workshops, field trips, professional and cultural visits, corporate contacts and volunteer work, all in the scope of International Mobility Programs like Erasmus +, and free-time activities in the areas of sports, adventure and culture.

The company intends to contribute to the training of European citizens through intercultural mobility, making them more critical, aware, innovative and creative, developing an entrepreneurial spirit which leads to active, responsible, supportive and participant citizenship.

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