ZS im. W.S. Reymonta w Brniu

It was a great pleasure to implement second common project with ZS im. W.S. Reymonta w Brniu. Project “The Youth developement through foreign vocational internships” (PL. “Rozwój młodzieży poprzez zagraniczne staże zawodowe”) is almost finished. We are currently working on evaluation and promotion of the project with every source we have.

As part of the project, we realized one foreign professional mobility, which was attended by 42 students, including 25 educating at the Technical Secondary School of Construction and 17 at the Technical Secondary School of Landscape Architecture. The mobility took place between October 28 and November 8, 2019 in Greece, in the Olympic Riviera. The youth followed an 80-hour internship program in Greek enterprises in line with the field of education, as well as an educational and cultural program. During their stay, they were accompanied by 4 teachers who acted as accompanying persons and supported the entire educational process. Foreign mobility was the main project activity, but not the only one. It was preceded by elements such as information campaign, recruitment, and preparatory training. However, after its completion, the project results were disseminated, in which students also actively joined. Evaluation was an ongoing activity throughout the entire project, which allowed for the collection of many quantitative and qualitative data and materials that were used to create this report, as well as its attachments.

It is worth noting that the project brought many results, both hard and soft. The main one is, of course, the comprehensive development of students participating in the project, who acquired many new skills (professional, linguistic, personal, cultural), broadened their knowledge and horizons, and gained valuable experience. Importantly, this has been properly confirmed in the form of several certificates. It is worth noting that personal development was also noted by teachers who had the opportunity to be on mobility. An important result from the point of view of the functioning of the entire facility is also the relatively high number of applications for admission to the school, which we have noted since the beginning of the school’s adventure with the Erasmus + program and PO WER. In this context, cooperation with foreign entities is also important, as it allows to update the curricula and internships, as well as to use innovative methods. In the context of the international activities of the school, we also observed an increase in the motivation and aspirations of students who want to qualify for the next edition of the project, make an intensive educational effort.

We have to admit, that cooperation between both organizations went without any troubles and miscommunication problems. We were solving issues really fats, thanks to good communication and understanding on both sides. Also, it was very important that we had common target, which is good of students, who were man beneficiaries of the project. In the same time, also we were improving our potential and possibilities. Also, thanks to the project, it was possible to create some kind of discussion platform between business and education sector. We could talk about main problem and needs of both; thanks to that they will be able to adapt to modern needs of job market.

Some of the results prepared within the project, such as project’s brochure and projects evaluative report, can be found below. We also invite to check project’s facebook side, which can be found here – https://www.facebook.com/Rozwój-młodzieży-poprzez-zagraniczne-staże-zawodowe


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40 students of ZS im. W.S. Reymonta in Bren (24 students from the construction technician and 16 landscape architectures technician) came to Greece on 28th of October to start their two-week internships in frame of the project Development of young people through foreign internships”. In the mobility also 4 teachers have taken part. They were responsible for safety of the group, but also for support on different levels.

As it is second initiative in our cooperation, project implementation this time was much easier and more effective. We used to create before methods and models of communication, exchanging ideas and documents in order to ensure the best conditions for students who for the first time went abroad. Especially that they were working in Greece, not only visiting touristic places as people usually do. It demanded from all of us proper logistic and practical preparations which were made during almost 3 months period. We decided to give students opportunity to only develop themselves in scope of professional development, but also in scope of culture, attitudes and general knowledge. That’s why, despite the internship, they also took part in cultural program which was full of trips, history, great views and free time animations. After those activities students have known Greece much better, with its history, culture, habits and geography.

Cultural side was a big added value to the project. However, its most important part was internship which was implemented in cooperation with Fitoria Manosis-Tsakiridi and Efthimios Batalas. Those are important and well-known local companies, with recognized reputation in their fields. Students had opportunity to cooperate with experienced workers who were their mentors, responsible for distributing tasks, walkthroughs and other professional support needed. Teachers were also actively involved into process. Youngsters worked 8 hours per day in period of 12 days (10 working days + weekend). They carried their duties individually and in groups. They learnt how to work under pressure, to be on time and to be responsible for work outcome. They also gained a lot of knowledge connected to their professions, experience and new skills which help them in the future work. They found internship as a well-planned and great contribution to their personal development.

We hope that in following years we will have more students from ZS im. W.S. Reymonta in Bren as employers were really happy about their engagement and substantive background which helped them in daily work.

If you want to be updated with the project, please check facebook fanpage where you can find many photos and other interesting materials: https://www.facebook.com/Rozwój-młodzieży-poprzez-zagraniczne-staże-zawodowe



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The project „Development of young people through foreign internships” is addressed to 40 students of ZS im. W.S. Reymonta in Bren (24 students from the construction technician and 16 landscape architectures technician).  Mobility will take place between 28th of October and 8th of November 2019 and its main goal is to implement vocational internship for students.

During two-week internships students will work according to the program internship under the supervision of both Greek mentors who will be supported by teachers from school. The internship program was developed in cooperation with local entrepreneurs and both partners. The project was created in response to the need for school graduates to acquire professional, language and interpersonal skills that would enable for them to start their adult life. It is important because many of polish students come from families struggling with financial difficulties.

The goals and assumptions of the project are first and foremost: acquiring professional skills, going beyond the core curriculum of vocational education, improving language skills, personal and social competences, comparing methods of work organization and technologies used in the host country, learning about the culture and traditions of the host country or shaping a positive the image of the school in the local environment.

We are really happy to cooperate with ZS im. W.S. Reymonta in Bren for the second time. In 2017 we had a great project which involved 60 students and 6 teachers. They were really enjoying time in Greece and we hope that it can be repeated this time as well. It is second common initiative approved by Polish National Agency made in cooperation with us. 100 students from ZS im. W.S. Reymonta in Bren carried their internships in Greece already in total. All of them were organized by Georgikes Ekmetaleuseis & Training Services in cooperation with local companies.

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