ZSZ im. Kazimierza Pulaskiego in Gorlice

In the project „Conquering European practices from ZSZ Pułaski in Gorlice” (pl. “Podbój europejskich praktyk z ZSZ Pułaskiego w Gorlicach”) carried out between October and November 2019, was attended by a total of 40 students from ZSZ K. Pulaski in Gorlice, including 15 students studying construction techniques and 25 studying nutrition and food services. Additionally, four teachers were present during the trip, who acted as accompanying persons.

Among the learning outcomes that were acquired and/or developed by the project participants were both professional competences, targeted at each of the profiles – Building Technician and Nutrition and Food Service Technician – and general/social competences, which are similar for all participants, as they ensure equal opportunities and conditions for all pupils involved in the project. Within the professional competences developed by the participants:

Specific competences and professional skills acquired by students with a professional profile in Building:

– Knowledge of construction documentation (construction logbook, work schedule).

– Knowledge of material documents circulation, workers’ work accounting, acceptance of construction works.

– Knowledge and use of different types of equipment and building materials for work.

– Ability to perform construction works of raw state – building structures, reinforcement, assembly.

– Knowledge of the operation of the AUTOCAD program and the ability to perform projects in a computer program.

Specific competences and professional skills acquired by students with a professional profile in Nutrition and Food Service Technician:

– Knowledge of food storage principles.

– Ability to prepare semi-finished products for heat treatment.

– Ability to prepare menus.

– Knowledge of the principles of preparing food from milk and eggs, meat from slaughter animals and poultry, flour, dough and dessert.

– The ability to prepare lunch dishes.

– The ability to prepare flour dishes, dough for desserts, baking cakes and pastries.

– Ability to prepare local Greek dishes.

– The ability to prepare fish and seafood dishes, appetisers.

– Knowledge of how to prepare and display dishes and drinks. 

During the 12-day mobility they also had a rich cultural programme, allowing them to see with their own eyes the most beautiful places in Greece, such as the beautiful and picturesque island of Skiathos with the golden beach of Koukounaries. A magical place such as Meteors – a complex of monasteries built on rocks and local excursions to Panteleimon Castle, and to the stone enchanted village of Paleos Panteleomonos.

All participants in the project have acquired or developed their language competences – to use English in practice, have developed teamwork skills during the implementation of professional tasks, have broadened cultural awareness and tolerance to cultural or racial differences. Their responsibility for their own development has also increased, as well as the development of entrepreneurship and social and professional activity.

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The European project of foreign internships in Greece has started!

On 28.10-8.11.2019, a group of students from Zespół Szkół im. Kazimierz Pulaski in Gorlice studying the professions of Building Technician and Nutrition and Food Service Technician had a professional internship as part of the Project entitled „Conquering European Practices with ZSZ Pulaski in Gorlice”. The Conquest of European practices with ZSZ Pułaski in Gorlice, which is financed by the European Commission, granted by the National Agency of the PO WER Programme, VET sector.

A group of students educated in the fields of building technician and nutrition and food service technician, to whom the project activities are directed, for 12 days implemented the apprenticeship programme in accordance with the main assumptions of the project and the core curriculum of both fields. The aim of the internship was to develop skills within the profession, use theoretical knowledge in practice and learn about the specifics of work in enterprises. The course of the internship was supervised by trained staff consisting of mentors and instructors from the ZSZ in Gorlice, a Greek organization and companies selected for cooperation.

The Building Technician has become acquainted in practice with, among others

– techniques of performing construction works in Europe,

– the use of new tools and technologies in the construction area,

– recognition of technologies used in the company with particular attention paid to modern technological and material solutions,

– improve the practical application of theoretical knowledge combined with practice,

– recognize the devices, tools and equipment used, among other things, for carrying out surveying works, earthworks, raw state works, finishing works and external works,

– analyzed the specificity of work on real job positions in the profession.

The Nutrition and Food Service Technician has become acquainted in practice with, among others

– preparation of semi-finished products and food ingredients for further processing,

– decorating dishes, platters, tables and restaurants

– working in the restaurant at various positions: table setting, bringing ordered dishes, cleaning tables

– work in the kitchen at various positions: cooking soups, preparing dishes, preparing desserts, preparing drinks and regional cuisine.

As part of the cultural program, the students visited the monastery complex called Meteors, visiting the icon factory on their way. During a boat trip with Captain Kostas and the crew of Elizabeth Cruises they went on a fantastic cruise to Skiathos Island. On the ship there was time to have fun and learn typical Greek dances.

Due to the daily work of the apprenticeship, the participants could practice English and Greek. And at the end of the internship, the trainees received certificates confirming their acquired skills.

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Within the framework of the project „Conquering European practices from ZSZ Pułaski in Gorlice” (pl. “Podbój europejskich praktyk z ZSZ Pułaskiego w Gorlicach”) will be carried out between June 2019 and May 2020 and will be attended by 40 students from the ZSZ Pułaski in Gorlice who are trained in the profession of Building Technician (15 people) and Nutrition and Food Service Technician (25 people). Additionally, 4 teachers will be present during the trip, who will act as accompanying persons.

The aim of participation in the project is to create opportunities for professional, cultural and personal development of the students of ZSZ in Gorlice through the implementation of foreign internships in accordance with the framework internship program. Within the framework of the mobility the students will perform practical tasks under the guidance of a Greek mentor. An additional element will be a cultural programme in which the whole group will take advantage of interesting optional trips or leisure time animation.

Thanks to the project „Conquering European internships with ZSZ Pułaski in Gorlice” the participants will have the opportunity to gain professional experience on the international level, which will certainly increase their chances on the future labour market. The project will allow to use the theoretical knowledge acquired at school in practice. Thanks to the trip, language skills of both students and teachers will be significantly improved. The knowledge of English is nowadays the basic skill required by employers.

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