Strategic Projects

Georgikes Ekmetaleuseis organization is focused not only on improving the professional competences, skills and entrepreneurial attitudes of participants in the vocational education and training mobility programs, in order to best prepare the technicaly and practicaly for their future profession, but also on developing partnerships related to improvement of the whole agribusiness sector. In recent years GE participated in several projects carried out in various areas of education and different tools development, hosting in Greece over 500 participants within VET projects, as well as more than 30 workers, being representatives of our partners, that GE is implementing projects with.

GE works mostly in agribusiness and tourism sector, cooperating with many local and regional companies specialized in agriculture, construction and landscape architecture, tourism, gastronomy and hotel services, but also logistics, sedition and others.

Georgikes Ekmetaleuseis maintain close cooperation with companies mainly in the Olympic Riviera, Katerini and Larissa regions. All of our partners have extensive experience in coordinating and carrying out internships in the field.

Strategic Partnerships projects:

AGRO e-learning – Precision Farming with Elements of Geoinformatics

Modern Management of Agribusiness in Agriculture and Rural Tourism

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