ZSP im. J. Kochanowskiego w Wegrowie

First mobility implemented in frame of the project Project „3, 2, 1 – Go! Investment in knowledge as a gate to professional success” behind us. Between 28th of October and 8th of November we hosted 22 students from Zespol Szkol Ponadpodstawowych im. J. Kochanowskiego in Wegrow. They are from different vocational profiles:

– economics technician – 12 people

– information technology technician – 10 people

To ensure proper safety and also substantive support, they were two teachers as a companying person. In cooperation with Greek mentors from our organization and from specific companies, they created learning-friendly environment. It was extremely important, especially that it was first foreign trip for majority of students. What is more, they had to get acclimatized to work properly and improve themselves as much as it is possible. It was very important for both organizations as this project is dedicated to young people and their personal development.

Students implemented 80 hours vocational internships. They were supposed to fulfill tasks and orders received from mentors who took care to combine their work with demanding’s of internship program. Students work individually and in mixed groups, depends on complexity of tasks. They had opportunity to feel as a part of the company. This experience can be reached on school workshops where they usually practice their skills. New experience, new knowledge and new skills will be great added value to their CVs. It was proven by few certificates which makes sure, that employers will know about their powers.

Important part of their stay in Greece was also cultural program with its trips and leisure time animations as Greek evening. We were happy to give them opportunity to get to know our culture better.

On the end of the mobility, we distributed project’s certificates. They will help participants in looking for a job in the future.  We also took part in the evaluation, which showed that project was not only well-planned, but also well-implemented. We are really happy that group came back home in good moods. We hope that second group will be also satisfied.

If you want to be updated with the project, please check facebook fanpage where you can find many photos and other interesting materials:  https://www.facebook.com/321-Start-Inwestycja-w-wiedzę-bramą-do-sukcesu-zawodowego

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Project „3, 2, 1 – Go! Investment in knowledge as a gate to professional success” [Polish title: „3, 2, 1 – Start! Inwestycja w wiedzę bramą do sukcesu zawodowego”] is directed at 50 students from Zespol Szkol Ponadpodstawowych im. J. Kochanowskiego in Wegrow, who are being educated in the following professions:

– economics technician – 12 people

– information technology technician – 10 people

– agribusiness technician – 8 people

– cook – 6 people

– vehicle mechanic – 6 people

– hairdresser – 8 people.

The objective of the project is the participation of the students in the vocational training in our country, in experienced Greek companies. Students will take part in the internship divided into two mobilities. Each group will be accompanied by school teachers to ensure the proper safety level:

– 1st mobility: 28.10-08.11 2019: 22 people + 2 teachers

– 2nd mobility: 19-29.05.2020: 28 people + 2 teachers.

The aim of the project is the development of professional competences of students, their knowledge and familiarization with the reality of work in international team. During the educational path in school students gain basic knowledge and skills but it is necessary to enrich it with supporting the improvement of practical skills. Taking into consideration bigger and bigger meaning of foreign markets the ability of participating in vocational training will constitute an additional advantage at local labor market. The development of school can also be qualified as the aim of the project. Our institution not only will establish international cooperation, but it will also improve its quality and methods of teaching. In long-term perspective the project will influence the development of polish, local labor market due to educating people characterized by high knowledge level and broad practical skills in chosen profession. Specific aims of the project can by qualified as:

– developing the ability of working in a group

– developing knowledge and skills concerning professional education of our students

– preparing participants for working in international teams

– developing knowledge concerning using English

– enhancing self-esteem of our students

– enhancing the opportunities of our students for gaining better employment after graduation

– improving school’s prestige in the region

– using good practices observed during the training in teaching

– developing the competences of teachers, as profession practitioners

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