ZS CKP in Bujny

What a memories! 🙂

The result of the project realized in cooperation with ZS CKP in Bujny has just came to our hands and it brought again all of the memories that we have connected with the students of this school.

The brochure which You can find below is presenting the results of the project, but also its main aims, idea, description of partners, the mobility experience and learning outcomes. We are so glad to be the part of this wonderful adventure!

Keep the fingers crossed for next initiatives undertaken together!

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As the time flies really fast and all of the good things are finishing usually too early, we are already after the implementation of two-week mobility with the students from ZS CKP in Bujny.

In frame of the project, the 12-day international mobility in Greece has happened on the dates 23/04 – 04/05/2018, including:

  • Professional internships in Greek enterprises in the agricultural and forestry sector, covering 10 working days, under which the methodology used consisted in incorporating non-formal education tools into formal education, to create synergy effects when combined with the theoretical knowledge acquired at school. The students gained the chance to apply the information they had in practice, which allowed them to verify their expectations and enable them to use their theoretical skills in practice.
  • Cultural program, including 2 weekend days, during which participants had an opportunity to learn more about the history and culture of Greece, by introducing the Orthodox religion, visits to sites inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list, and gaining knowledge during meetings with people directly connected with important from a cultural point of view, places.

We were hosting together 35 students and among them we had 21 students studying as part of the Forestry technician. They took part in internships organized by us, in cooperation with the National Park of the Olimp Mountains, as well as experts and practitioners who care for the maintenance of natural conditions in the forests included in this facility. The participants of the project, trained as part of the forestry technician, follow the path of education implemented by the ZS CKP im. W. Witos in Bujny.

As part of the tasks performed during the stay abroad, there were: carrying out works related to protection and breeding of the forest and hunting economy; conducting activities related to nature conservation, tourism and education; performance of measurement and estimation works in stands; organization of works related to the use of forest resources.

Another 14 students were Agriculture technicians. Internships for this field of study were also organized by us and the Greek enterprise of the agri-processing sector Zeus S.A.

Among the basic categories of tasks that participants performed while being in Greece, there were: running plant production; livestock production; servicing technical means used in agriculture. All of them are part of the vocational training program for the field of farmer’s techniques also implemented by ZS CKP im. W. Witos in Bujny.

According to the evaluation process done by the end of the mobility, all of the students are really happy and satisfied – not only by staying in Greece for two weeks, but especially by being a part of the project, taking a lot of opportunities, opening minds and gaining new skills and knowledge by being abroad, working in the field of their profession. We are also more than happy by having the opportunity to be the host organization for such a wonderful children.

Thank You so much for this time and hope to see You all soon, somewhere in the world 🙂

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We have a pleasure to present that in the dates 01/10/2017 – 30/09/2018 in cooperation with Zespol Szkol Centrum Ksztalcenia Praktycznego im. Wincentego Witosa in Bujny, we are implementing the project called The development of professional competencies – internships for students of the Wincenty Witos Vocational School Practical Training Centre in Bujny. The project number 2017-1-PL01-KA102-037656 is realized within the framework of a systemic project Transnational mobility of students, graduates and vocational education staff, co-financed by the European Union under the European Social Fund, Operational Programme Knowledge Education Development.

The overriding goal of the project, achieved in the long-term horizon, is to support students in acquiring practical professional competences in an international environment and to indicate their suitability, which in turn will increase their chances of finding employment in the profession in which they obtained education. A number of specific objectives will contribute to the full achievement of the main objective, including:

– providing 35 students of the ZS CKP in Bujny the opportunity to gain work experience by implementing foreign internships. In this context, the project harmonizes with the education requirements in force at the School, as mobility will replace the necessity of compulsory practices provided for in the core curriculum;

– giving young people a chance for practical verification of knowledge acquired in the theory, at school. The internship will enable learning the realities of work in the profession and confronting them with expectations, which will allow future graduates to know what potential employers may require;

– the possibility of encountering innovative work methods and modern tools used in agricultural and forestry industries;

– development by 35 participants of competences in the field of using a foreign language or – more broadly speaking – communication in intercultural conditions;

– creating a social inclusion opportunity for at least 20 students with fewer opportunities;

– development of international contacts of the School, serving both the effective implementation of this project, but also creating the basis for subsequent activities.

The project goals outlined in this way correspond to the identified needs of the School’s pupils and teachers, as well as to main goals of our activities.

In frame of the project, 35 students of ZS CKP in Bujny will take internships in cooperation with us, in Greek enterprises. The mobility experience will be implemented within the framework of a two-week stay in Greece, which will take place on 23/04 – 04/05/2018.

Can’t wait to meet those young active people! 🙂

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