ZS in Sokolow Podlaski


From 18thtill 29thof March we had a pleasure to host another group of students from Sokolow Podlaski. This time, there were 45 students and 5 teachers. The profile engaged in this project was as followed: IT technician (22 students), Cook (6 students), Hospitality Technician (7 students) and Economic Technician (10 students). All together we were implementing internship program which was created on the beginning of our cooperation.

During the internship which lasted 80 hours for 10 days, they have a great opportunity to develop their professional skills, improve linguistic competition, mainly on English language, gain some knowledge and worth work experience. Practical learning is the very important nowadays, so we wanted to create environment which is real, not artificial work environment. Thanks to that, it is much more positive for students development than normal school workshops. It is all about contacting with workmates, realizing real work tasks and duties and having responsibilities for our own decision.

Second mobility was also a opportunity to summarize and evaluate so far cooperation between our both organization. We have to admit that communication was on the very high level. Every problem we faced of, was very quickly discussed and solved thanks to that project reached planned goals or all of engaged students and teachers were satisfied with taking part in it.

Students during those 12 days not only work a lot, but also had an opportunity to get to know each other better, as much as Greece with its culture, history and habits. They also became friends with their Greek mentors, who were for them not only support during a work, but also person who can they speak with about their problems, about their future profession plans etc. We didn’t predict that they will get so close to each other.

At this point, we can inform you that we were applied for the second Erasmus+ project. We are looking forward to a moment when polish National Agency will announce the results and we hope their will be positive. Now, we are inviting you to see few photos from the second mobility.




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From 29thof October to 9thof November we were hositng a group from Sokolow Podlaski in frame of the VET project “European practices for ZS No. 1 from Sokolow Podlaski”. 35 students and three teachers came to Greece to improve their skills, gain work experience and get to know our country better.

10 students of Economy Technician, 15 of Hospitaly Technician and 10 of Car Repair Technician were taking part in 80 hours vocational internships in well-known and experienced Greek companies from their sectors. They were implementing internship programe which were created by out organization and school, during fulfilling project application. During these twelve days, they improve their skills, but also gained new ones.They also had an opportunity to experienced real work environment, which is connected with some specific attitude they have to familiarized with. It will let them to start their adults life much easier, because finding a good job position will not be very difficult for them.

Besides of hard work, but also integration with mentors, we also provided group with some cultural programe, so then can meet Greek habits, history and cousin. Main point were trip to Meteors and cruise to Skiathos island connected with Golden Beach (Koukunari). It was great experience for students, especially that part of them first time have gone abroad. They also saw Old Pantaleimon village, located on the slope of Olympsu, Platamonas Castle and Leptokarya which is biggest town in the region. To sum up, they get to know Olympus Riviera really well.

All group were accommodated in San Pantaleimon hotel, where they have great access to the sea with sandy beach, swimming pool and many other attractions. Thanks to that, they actively spent free time what makes whole stay more interesting.

It was great time for all of us. In the half of the project, both Georgikes Ekmetaleuseis & Training Services​​​ and ZS. No. 1 from Sokolow Podlaski, we are happy with mutual cooperation and we hope to make great job also with another group which will come to Greece in March 2019. Below, you can see some photos from the I mobility. Enjoy!



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Another from our partners’ project got approved. This time it is School Complex No. 1 from Sokolow Podlaski. In this project, there will be 80 students involved from 5 different professions: Hospitality Technician, Economy Technician, Car Repair Technician, IT Technician and Cook. We are more than happy, that we will have an an opportunity to work with another polish students. There will be two mobilities implemented in frame of the project. First one with 35 students, and second with 45.


Project has many different targets, which are:

– Including 20 students in the field of hospitality techniques in the implementation of foreign apprenticeship, 20 in the direction of economist technician, 20 in the direction of IT technician, 10 in the profession of cook and 10 in the profession of car repair technician.

– Including at least 50 people with fewer opportunities (from low income families, incomplete families, rural areas, difficult access to school, culture centers, etc.).

– Including in the project implementation at least 8 teachers who are tutors, coordinators, or persons who evaluate and approve the learning outcomes achieved by students, in order to raise their competences in the initiation and development of future activities for the development of the school and the youth studying there.

– Strengthening international partnerships for the development of the vocational education sector.

– Development of professional competences dedicated to each of the 5 professions participating in the project.

– Development of language competence of 80 participants by enabling them to interact with the English language in a real work environment.

– Development of soft competencies of 80 participants (team work skills, broadening cultural and social awareness, increasing sense of responsibility and development of entrepreneurial and active attitudes, etc.).

– Development of the educational offer of ZS No. 1 in Sokolow Podlaski and improvement of the quality of education through familiarization with good practices used in the vocational education and training sector outside of Poland.

– Development of competences related to the process of preparation and implementation of international projects in cooperation with experienced partners from Greece and foreign enterprises and workplaces.

– Using new methods of validation and certification of the achievements of vocational education participants, in order to equip them with additional advantages before entering the labor market.

After recruitment process, students will go through preparation trainings, which will focus mainly on the linguistic and cultural concept. They will have classes to improve their English, especially if it comes to daily communication and profession vocabulary. They will also learn how to speak Greek on basic level. The last but not least, they will also find out more about cultural and pedagogical aspects of the project.

We cannot wait to host them in sunny Greece! Besides oh hard work, they will also have reach cultural programme which help them to know Greece better, with her historical heritage. We hope that thanks to the project, the Youth from Poland will increase their chances on the European labour market. To make them safe and comfortable, besides 8 teachers from the school, they will also will be under supervision of our staff member, who are experienced and have great approach to young people. We are sure that participation in the project and mainly in the mobility, will be unforgettable experience for students from Sokolow Podlaski.


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