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Have a look what great results we have after common project! Besides of the Facebook fanpage where You can find all the useful info about the implementation of the project and see the photos from internships of all the professions and from 3 mobilities we made together (available on: https://www.facebook.com/Praktyka-uczyni-z-Ciebie-mistrza-czyli-umiesz-więcej-możesz-więcej/), we have a pleasure to present also the brochure where You can read everything about project’s aims, main activities and see the photos, too!

Click on the picture below to see whole publication!


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After the holidays, the next and the last group under the project has come to Greece. This time 20 Car vehicles technicians and 13 Nutrition and food services technicians could use the possibility to make their internships in Greece. They spent with us 12 days and were here on the dates: 17-28 of September 2018, performing the tasks under their profession.

Besides of many different professional skills, during all of the 3 mobilities, youth could also develop their language skills, using English in everyday life and communicating with co-workers. The have also:

– become more open for new experiences,

– made the confrontation of previous experience related to work in Poland with those acquired while staying in Greece,

– get acquainted with the requirements that must be met in order to be an attractive candidate to work in a given industry, including verifying the knowledge and skills in confrontation with the expectations and standards of the receiving companies,

– gained new experiences that can be used on the Polish and European labor market,

– learned independence and coping with stress in various life situations,

– acquired team work skills, work organization, division of tasks and executing orders of superiors,

– strengthened their faith in their own abilities, assertiveness and increase motivation for


– increased their chances of employment (both on the domestic and European market) by carrying out mandatory internships required by the core curriculum in an attractive international environment, which allows learning about another system, culture and work standards, and thus – their interest in intercultural issues and the ability to find a place in a multicultural society increased, as well as they broke stereotypes and established new relationships,

– raised their level of communicative and interpersonal skills,

– increased their level of self-confidence and realized the importance of the self-assessment process in terms of their own development,

– a sense of European citizenship has grown due to communing with another culture belonging to one European community,

– opened up to the world, widened their horizons and undertook active attitudes.

We are glad of being a part of this wonderful experience for all the participants! Below You can have a look how the last group was working and spending their free time.


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Just after the return of the first group, next participants from Szydłów came to Greece. We had a great pleasure to host in the period 23rd of April to 4th of May 2018 17 Nutrition and food services technicians from ZSP CKU. They were all working in the kitchen and restaurant of San Panteleimon Hotel, where they could gain some useful skills, acquire new knowledge and competences about their profession.

While realizing the traineeship lasting together 80-hours, students did the practical tasks, indicated and supervised by people dedicated to coordination on-site practices. The tasks they fulfilled were – among others – the following:

– organizing a workplace in accordance with the applicable requirements;

– preparation of dishes and drinks based on recipes;

– choosing methods and techniques to perform specific dishes and drinks;

– choosing spices for a specific dish or drink;

– distinguishing between machinery and equipment used in gastronomic production and food and beverage expedition;

– use of catering equipment in order to perform professional tasks;

– planning the stages of preparing dishes and drinks or semi-finished products;

– organizing work positions for particular stages of preparing dishes or drinks or semi-finished products;

– applying the rules for securing food and drinks until the moment of dispatch;

– weighing or measuring food and drinks according to a given portion size;

– applying adopted rules for portioning, decorating (arranging) dishes or drinks;

– planning the production of food and drinks for a group of consumers;

– applying the principles of rational nutrition while planning meals;

– use a variety of customer service methods;

– settling the costs of services performed;

– applying the rules for setting tables;

– applying the principles of washing, care and storage of various types of equipment and tableware.

Of course, there was also some free time during which everyone could use the opportunity to be near the seaside, in beautiful Greek nature. The weekend was dedicated for the cultural activities and students have visited Meteora, as well as went to Skiathos tour.

Photos presenting time spent in Greece by this group below 🙂

See You next time!

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In the period 9th-20th of April 2018 we had a great pleasure to host first group from Szydłów on the practices in Greece. 20 Car vehicles technicians has already did their internships, performing a lot of professional tasks, while being in Greece. They were working in Auto Service Stelios, implementing their theoretical knowledge gained at School in practice, while performing everyday job.

In terms of performed activities, students did the practical tasks, indicated and supervised by people dedicated to coordination on-site practices. The tasks they fulfilled were – among others – the following:

– organizing the work of servicing and repairing car vehicles in accordance with the applicable requirements;

– documenting the acceptance of the vehicle for diagnosis;

– identifying the vehicle on the basis of the rating plate and VIN;

– identifying the engine based on the serial numbers;

– placing the vehicle in a diagnostic position and protect it against damage or unintentional displacement;

– choosing tools, devices and determining the scope and select the methods for the diagnosis of systems and components of internal combustion engines, chassis, drive, braking, steering and vehicle body;

– using design, technological and operational documentation in the diagnosis process;

– assessing the technical condition of the elements of the internal combustion engine, systems and vehicle body based on the measurements and results of the diagnosis;

– locating damages in vehicle components;

– determining the scope of repair and estimate the costs of vehicle components to be replaced or repaired;

– maintaining automotive assemblies and subassemblies;

– using devices, tools and instruments to test the vehicle after repair;

– locating damages in vehicle components.

They could also gain or develop skills in scope of intercultural learning. It was made mostly through the implementation of the cultural program under the project. The group have visited Meteora complex, went to the trip to Skiathos island, as well as visited Vergina, Old Panteleimon and Litochoro valley.

All of the experiences will stay with youth for their whole life and we are glad that members of our team could participate in this process!

Find some photos from this mobility below.




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Together with the School from Poland – Zespół Szkół Ponadgimnazjalnych Centrum Kształcenia Ustawicznego im. Władysława Stanisława Reymonta in Szydłów we are organizing the project called „The practice will create a master, so: You know more – You can do more!”. The initiative is a response to the needs of young people and teachers of the School. As students and staff pointed on a number of areas for development in the field of education and the desire to carry out this project, the mobility is a response to the identified, existing needs.

The duration of the project is a total of 16 months, from 01.09.2017 to 31.12.2018 and the main activities are planned for 70 students in total who will go to foreign internships and will be accompanied by six tutors from the School. Under the project there will be 3 mobilities for:

  1. 20 Car vehicles technicians – on April 9-20, 2018;
  2. 17 Nutrition and food services technicians – on April 23 – May 4, 2018;
  3. 20 Car vehicles technicians and 13 Nutrition and food services technicians – on September 17-28, 2018.

The primary purpose is to help 70 students of ZSP in Szydłów in entering the labor market through the development of their professional skills and work experience, making them attractive for potential future co-workers and a number of employers. Action presupposes completion of trips for training abroad. Participants will be selected according to established criteria for recruitment.

The specific objectives of the project include:

– gaining new knowledge about standards in the profession through gaining practical skills, dealing with duties, as real example of work in specific enterprises;

– acquiring the ability to adapt to different working and living conditions;

– knowledge and opportunity to experience other cultures, mainly Greek through traineeship in partners’ companies from this country. Consequently, young people will gain active, open and tolerant attitudes that enable them to actively participate in the life of their society, building a sense of European integration and identity in the European spirit;

– the acquisition of a range of skills and changing attitudes to more open, allowing international contacts and, consequently – expanding opportunities for personal growth and enhancing employment opportunities, not only in the domestic and European labor market, but also beyond their borders. The newly-acquired expertise will also be confirmed by few certificates, making the documentation of the passing process easier;

– increasing the linguistic competence of participants – primarily in English, which is the working language of the internship, but also the opportunity to get used to the language of Greek people;

– making the school’s offer and its possibilities more attractive in the area of giving it an international character in the fields of training, education and youth work, making educational institution which will be able to effectively answer the needs of the ever increasing demands of youth;

– strengthen the synergies effect, through a combination of methods of formal and non-formal education, trainings and internships with the inoculation among young people the idea of entrepreneurship;

– supporting the process of improvement and continuing education staff, through active participation in the project, its coordination, as well as participation in various range of activities, which greatly expand the horizons of teachers and caregivers. This will allow the introduction of innovation, and thus – improving training methods.

The project participants will acquire during their internships a number of competencies that can be divided into two sub-categories: core and professional competencies, as well as so-called „soft-skills”. Consequently, they not only fit to the obligatory program of making internships while being a student, but also give valuable experience with the use of theoretical knowledge. Also youth will gain a new, open base, strengthen their self-confidence, making their CVs more attractive and – by all of those – increasing the chance of finding a dream job in their profession.

The first mobility is going to happen soon, so we will inform You how it was! 🙂

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