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We are happy to inform that we have finalized all planned mobilities under, yet another project dedicated for vocational education. It was our great pleasure to accomplish this with Zespół Szkół Gastronomiczno-Hotelarskich in Warsaw as part of the implementation of their project entitled “Experience and passion are the key to success” [PL: “Doświadczenie i pasja to klucz do sukcesu”]. As the final stage of the project approaches, we are preparing the evaluation and promotion process for the project.

As part of the project we have implemented 2 foreign vocational education mobilities for a group of 30 participants each. The overall group of particiopants consisted of 27 hospitality technicians and 33 nutrition and catering services technicians, who were all students of ZSGH. The mobilities took place in the first half of July and at the end of September 2021. They were both implemented in Greece in the Olympic Riviera region. All students implemented an 80 hour long internship program, during which they completed numerous tasks in the field of HOREC at Poseidon Palace hotel. Along with their training program, they have also completed a cultural program which consisted of major trips such as Meteora and Skiathos, along with many smaller trips, which were concluded outside of working hours. Through the mobilities, the groups were supported by 6 teachers from ZSGH, whom know the participants and thanks to which were the best people to provide support in situations of need. Alongside the teacher, mentors from our organization and from the places the students worked at provided continuous tutoring, advise and help. The program in combination with the right people allowed for the students, which are the main recipients of the project, to develop their professional, social and language skills.

Even though the main activities of the project were the mobilities, other activities also took place as part of the action plan. Mobilities were proceeded by elements such as information campaign, recruitment, and preparatory training. All these elements consisted of individual evaluation stages in which students were actively engaged. Therefor the evaluation process was an ongoing activity throughout the entire project, which allowed for the collection of many quantitative and qualitative data and materials that are being used for the final report as well as the evaluation report, which has been attached.

For the project it was anticipated that is will bring many results, including both hard and soft. The most expected is the comprehensive development of skills among the participating students. They have expanded existing skills or gained completely new skills in the professional, linguistic, personal, and cultural fields. The opportunity to travel abroad has given them the chance to broaden their knowledge and horizons while also gaining valuable experience. These developments have been properly confirmed in the form of several certificates, which the students have received throughout the project’s lifespan. Though the project also the school’s teachers and our organizations have developed through the opportunities to interact and work with the aim of a common goal. Both institutions have developed in the sense of cooperating with foreign entities. They have also updated their curricula, based on real-life expectations of the labor market as well as the requirements of the educational program. Thanks to the internship, they have had the opportunity to try and to implement innovative methods to the educational process. In the context of international activities, an increase in the motivation and aspiration of students who want to qualify for future editions of similar projects has grown and intensified.

Cooperation between both organizations was also a success. No greater troubles were determined. All arising issues were tackled immediately with, thanks to good communication and understanding. The targets for the projects were directly presented by all parties to each other. This also included students, which were the main beneficiaries of the project and who’s aim was do develop professional skills. The school’s aim was to improve our potential and possibilities, especially in the field of international communication and cooperation. The cooperation and program established for the project allowed for establishing a discussion platform between business and education sector.

All major project results were formalized in the form of brochures along and project’s evaluation report. These documents can be found bellow.

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The second group from the project entitled “Experience and passion are the key to success” which we are implementing as a partner for Zespół Szkół Gastronomiczno-Hotelarskich in Warsaw has finished their mobility. Between September 20th and October 1st, 30 students from the Polish school have participated in vocation education internships in Greece. The group consisted of students from two profiles:

  • nutrition and catering services technicians – 18 students
  • hospitality technicians – 12 students

3 teachers from ZSGH came along with the students to support the implementation of the planned activities here in Greece. Throughout the mobility, the teachers in cooperation with mentors from our organization and the companies which have hosted the students have come together to hear out the students and provided support when required. They have also conducted evaluations meets and hosted individual conversations with student to adjust the training program.

The students worked at HOREC companies, working at the Poseidon Palace hotel. They have worked at all aspects of the client related services which the hotel provides. Throughout their vocational education program, they have concluded an 80 hour long program which was meant to develop on the skills which they already possess from school and to allow them to develop new skills. The most important aspect of the program was to provide the students with an opportunity and a challenge at the same time of working in a living and fully functioning hotel. Both in terms of professional skills and social skills, the program allowed for putting them into an unknown but controlled environment in which they could try themselves.

Besides the vocational education program, the mobility included a cultural program. It was meant to show the students all aspects of Greek culture and heritage. For this purpose, among others, trips to Meteora, Skiathos and Thessaloniki were organized for the group. During these trips, professional guides presented to the group the jewels of Greece and we are happy to say that it was a good presentation.

As the mobility was concluded, the participants received certificates. They confirm the students achievements and can be used by them as support in their future development, when they will be in search of hiring. The gathered knowledge by them can be therefore added to their CVs and can proof their worth.

We as an organization participating in the project have conducted evaluation activities with the participants which as meant to help our organization and ZSGH in further development of projects and common ideas. If the positive feedback from the participants, we are sure to implement next actions. At the same time, we are grateful for their honesty which allows us to learn.

If you want to follow the developments of the side of ZSGH, please check their Facebook fanpage where they continue to publish new photos and information about their activities:

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The first group of students from ZSGH has finalized their mobility in Greece as part of the project entitled “Experience and passion are the key to success”. Between July 5th and 16th we hosted 30 students from Zespół Szkół Gastronomiczno-Hotelarskich in Warsaw. The group included students form two profiles:

  • nutrition and catering services technicians – 15 students
  • hospitality technicians – 15 students

The group was accompanied by three teachers, who worked tirelessly to ensure their safety and provided continuous support to the group and individual students among them. Together with mentors from our organizations and companies with which we have cooperated, they have created a safe environment for students’ development.

The students participating in the project have implemented an 80 hour long vocational education internship, during which they have developed many professional and social skills. Throughout their mobility, they have had to participate in many tasks and activities. The implemented them either individually or in mixed group, depending on the task on hand. Providing an opportunity for these students to work in a live environment of a hotel / restaurant gave them the chance to experience being a part of an organization. They had the opportunity to learn from practitioners and through practice. The new knowledge and experience gained, which has been proven by certificates, can be incorporated into the students’ CVs and support them in achieving their goals of receiving a desired job.

The program of the mobility for these students also included cultural aspects. It consisted of trips and leisure time, which were meant to show the participants the Greek culture and the marbles of tourism in Greece. Through trips to Meteora, Skiathos and Thessaloniki we presented to the students important aspects of Greece and its culture.

As a final aspect of the mobility, we have conducted an evaluation of the overall time spent by the participants in Greece. The students have left positive responses as for the organizations and implementation of the project, but now we aim to improve it ahead of the second group, which already preparing to come.

If you want to follow the developments of the side of ZSGH, please check their Facebook fanpage where they continue to publish new photos and information about their activities:

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An educational project aimed at implementing foreign professional mobility entitled „Experience and passion are the key to success” [PL: “Doświadczenie i pasja to klucz do sukcesu”] within vocational training abroad is an opportunity for mobility participants to improve their professional skills and to pursue their passion related to their profession. The main goal of the project is to enable students of the Zespół Szkół Gastronomiczno-Hotelarskich in Warsaw to undergo professional apprenticeship in Greece. Thanks to the opportunity to work in an international environment, participants will have the opportunity to develop and improve their language competences, especially in the field of English, but also new to them – Greek. This will increase the attractiveness of future graduates of the school on the professional market in Poland or abroad. The goal of the project is also to cooperate with a foreign partner, while enriching the learning process with new methods. The idea behind the implementation of the initiative is to exchange not only professional, but also social or cultural experiences.

All activities undertaken as part of the project are directed to a total of 60 students of the Zespół Szkół Gastronomiczno- Hotelarskich in Warsaw, including 30 third-year technical high school students in the field of nutrition and catering services and 30 third-year high school students in the field of hospitality technician. Two 2-week mobility for participants are planned as following: first group of 30 (15 nutrition and catering services technicians and 15 hospitality technicians), assisted by 3 school supervisors, will go to Greece in the first half of May 2021, while the second 30-person group (15 nutrition and catering services technicians and 15 hospitality technicians) will take part in their professional mobility in Greece in the second half of September 2021. As part of the internship, each participant will take 80-hour apprenticeships and will take part in a prepared educational and cultural program. Participants will be selected to participate in the project on the basis of a recruitment procedure that allows the selection of the best candidates, it means students who stand out from other high achievements. By taking into account the so-called fewer opportunities, it will also be possible to involve young people with hard life-situation, such as difficult family or financial circumstances.

We believe that gaining professional experience and improving students’ work skills is a chance for them to succeed in the labor market. During their stay, project participants will prepare materials that will then allow them to share acquired experience with peers, while promoting the idea of projects of foreign apprenticeships. Comprehensive project evaluation will allow constructive conclusions to be drawn from the implementation of the initiative and will affect the decision to continue professional practice outside of Poland and expand cooperation with other foreign partners, as well as improve further initiatives undertaken by the school.

Thanks to the professional practice in another country, the participants will enrich their knowledge and professional skills, improve practical skills within the profession of nutrition and catering services and hospitality, which will increase their chances of employment and make the portfolio of the ZSGH graduate more attractive. In addition, professional practices will allow participants to broaden their knowledge of international cuisine, service to a hotel guest in another country and improve their foreign language skills, especially in the professional field. Additional benefits for mobility participants are: gaining independence, increasing self-esteem, a lesson in tolerance and cooperation in a multicultural environment. In addition to raising standards in vocational and social education, all project participants will broaden their knowledge of European projects and the values guiding the functioning of the European Union as a community.

The implementation of the project will make the educational offer of ZSGH more attractive and contribute to the improvement of the quality of vocational and language education and promotion of the institution’s activities. Innovative, empirical and activating teaching, such as foreign professional practice, is to adapt educational processes to the needs of the modern student, the developing world and the labor market. As a result, it will reduce unemployment among ZSGH graduates and encourage them to improve their future work skills. Students will be motivated to learn by teaching that we can set the limits of our own activities. Project implementation will also provide valuable experience for our school employees.


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Between 14-25 September 2020, a group of 40 students from Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski School No. 4 in Warsaw, took part in a 12-day internship abroad, carried out as part of the project „Step towards Europe”. The assumption of this project was to enable the vocational and personal development of our students who have been chosen from the following professional majors: Economist Technician, Advertising Organization Technician, Tourism Service Technician, in total there were 40 people. A two-week foreign mobility was planned in Greece, in which also took part pupils with fewer opportunities. The idea of joining the project was a result of the diagnosis of the needs of our students, teachers, analysis of the labor market and changing conditions in the environment which school has made before start of the project.

Students of our school thanks to participation in the project have a chance to better prepare them for further stages of education and moving around the labor market, taking into account their individual developmental and educational needs. Creating opportunities for foreign practice make it easier for students to function on the national as well as global job market.

The assumed objectives of the project had an impact both on the participants, including students and teachers, and on both sides (school and our organization), raising its level of education, on other students thanks to sharing project results, on parents who had participate in information meetings and signing documents and on other entities that are related to the school. We should also mention professional companies that received potential qualified employees with international knowledge and experience, which is also the goal of the project. The additional goal of the project is the desire to acquire new candidates for education in school, who will be able to train in selected occupations, both on national practices, as well as participating in foreign youth mobility projects in future.

You can find more information in the brochure accompanying this article.


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Between 14 and 25 September 2020, a group of 40 students from Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski School No. 4 in Warsaw, studying economics, tourist services technician and advertising organization technician, took part in a 12-day internship abroad, carried out as part of the project „Step towards Europe”.

During this time, the project participants implemented an apprenticeship programme, improving their existing professional skills, but also gaining new experience.

1) The Advertising Organization Technician has learned:

  1. a) Selecting promotion tools and means of presenting the advertising message.
  2. b) Developing price lists for advertising products and services.
  3. c) Distinguish between the elements of marketing.
  4. d) Preparation of a schedule for the preparation of advertising measures.
  5. e) Preparation of information regarding the advertising campaign.
  6. f) Preparing an advertising campaign.

2) Technician Economist has learned:

  1. a) Methods and manners of collecting market information by entrepreneurs.
  2. b) Preparation of sales documents in computer programs used in

the enterprise.

  1. c) Knowledge of standards related to the storage and preservation of goods.
  2. d) Carrying out sales price calculations using various methods.
  3. e) Stock management evaluations based on optimal stock levels.

3) The tourist service technician has learned:

  1. a) Organizing tourist activities.
  2. b) Organizing tourist events and services.
  3. c) Serving customers using tourist services.
  4. d) Settlement of tourist events and services.
  5. e) Implementation of tourist events and services.

In addition, during free time and weekend days, the group went on day trips to the monasteries in Meteora, a boat trip to the picturesque island of Skhiatos, visiting the second largest city of Greece – Thessaloniki and the local castle of Platamon, from which there is a view of the surrounding area, where the group is practicing.




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It was a great pleasure to implement second common project with ZS im. W.S. Reymonta w Brniu. Project “The Youth developement through foreign vocational internships” (PL. “Rozwój młodzieży poprzez zagraniczne staże zawodowe”) is almost finished. We are currently working on evaluation and promotion of the project with every source we have.

As part of the project, we realized one foreign professional mobility, which was attended by 42 students, including 25 educating at the Technical Secondary School of Construction and 17 at the Technical Secondary School of Landscape Architecture. The mobility took place between October 28 and November 8, 2019 in Greece, in the Olympic Riviera. The youth followed an 80-hour internship program in Greek enterprises in line with the field of education, as well as an educational and cultural program. During their stay, they were accompanied by 4 teachers who acted as accompanying persons and supported the entire educational process. Foreign mobility was the main project activity, but not the only one. It was preceded by elements such as information campaign, recruitment, and preparatory training. However, after its completion, the project results were disseminated, in which students also actively joined. Evaluation was an ongoing activity throughout the entire project, which allowed for the collection of many quantitative and qualitative data and materials that were used to create this report, as well as its attachments.

It is worth noting that the project brought many results, both hard and soft. The main one is, of course, the comprehensive development of students participating in the project, who acquired many new skills (professional, linguistic, personal, cultural), broadened their knowledge and horizons, and gained valuable experience. Importantly, this has been properly confirmed in the form of several certificates. It is worth noting that personal development was also noted by teachers who had the opportunity to be on mobility. An important result from the point of view of the functioning of the entire facility is also the relatively high number of applications for admission to the school, which we have noted since the beginning of the school’s adventure with the Erasmus + program and PO WER. In this context, cooperation with foreign entities is also important, as it allows to update the curricula and internships, as well as to use innovative methods. In the context of the international activities of the school, we also observed an increase in the motivation and aspirations of students who want to qualify for the next edition of the project, make an intensive educational effort.

We have to admit, that cooperation between both organizations went without any troubles and miscommunication problems. We were solving issues really fats, thanks to good communication and understanding on both sides. Also, it was very important that we had common target, which is good of students, who were man beneficiaries of the project. In the same time, also we were improving our potential and possibilities. Also, thanks to the project, it was possible to create some kind of discussion platform between business and education sector. We could talk about main problem and needs of both; thanks to that they will be able to adapt to modern needs of job market.

Some of the results prepared within the project, such as project’s brochure and projects evaluative report, can be found below. We also invite to check project’s facebook side, which can be found here –ój-młodzieży-poprzez-zagraniczne-staże-zawodowe


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First mobility implemented in frame of the project Project „3, 2, 1 – Go! Investment in knowledge as a gate to professional success” behind us. Between 28th of October and 8th of November we hosted 22 students from Zespol Szkol Ponadpodstawowych im. J. Kochanowskiego in Wegrow. They are from different vocational profiles:

– economics technician – 12 people

– information technology technician – 10 people

To ensure proper safety and also substantive support, they were two teachers as a companying person. In cooperation with Greek mentors from our organization and from specific companies, they created learning-friendly environment. It was extremely important, especially that it was first foreign trip for majority of students. What is more, they had to get acclimatized to work properly and improve themselves as much as it is possible. It was very important for both organizations as this project is dedicated to young people and their personal development.

Students implemented 80 hours vocational internships. They were supposed to fulfill tasks and orders received from mentors who took care to combine their work with demanding’s of internship program. Students work individually and in mixed groups, depends on complexity of tasks. They had opportunity to feel as a part of the company. This experience can be reached on school workshops where they usually practice their skills. New experience, new knowledge and new skills will be great added value to their CVs. It was proven by few certificates which makes sure, that employers will know about their powers.

Important part of their stay in Greece was also cultural program with its trips and leisure time animations as Greek evening. We were happy to give them opportunity to get to know our culture better.

On the end of the mobility, we distributed project’s certificates. They will help participants in looking for a job in the future.  We also took part in the evaluation, which showed that project was not only well-planned, but also well-implemented. We are really happy that group came back home in good moods. We hope that second group will be also satisfied.

If you want to be updated with the project, please check facebook fanpage where you can find many photos and other interesting materials:ę-bramą-do-sukcesu-zawodowego

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Project „3, 2, 1 – Go! Investment in knowledge as a gate to professional success” [Polish title: „3, 2, 1 – Start! Inwestycja w wiedzę bramą do sukcesu zawodowego”] is directed at 50 students from Zespol Szkol Ponadpodstawowych im. J. Kochanowskiego in Wegrow, who are being educated in the following professions:

– economics technician – 12 people

– information technology technician – 10 people

– agribusiness technician – 8 people

– cook – 6 people

– vehicle mechanic – 6 people

– hairdresser – 8 people.

The objective of the project is the participation of the students in the vocational training in our country, in experienced Greek companies. Students will take part in the internship divided into two mobilities. Each group will be accompanied by school teachers to ensure the proper safety level:

– 1st mobility: 28.10-08.11 2019: 22 people + 2 teachers

– 2nd mobility: 19-29.05.2020: 28 people + 2 teachers.

The aim of the project is the development of professional competences of students, their knowledge and familiarization with the reality of work in international team. During the educational path in school students gain basic knowledge and skills but it is necessary to enrich it with supporting the improvement of practical skills. Taking into consideration bigger and bigger meaning of foreign markets the ability of participating in vocational training will constitute an additional advantage at local labor market. The development of school can also be qualified as the aim of the project. Our institution not only will establish international cooperation, but it will also improve its quality and methods of teaching. In long-term perspective the project will influence the development of polish, local labor market due to educating people characterized by high knowledge level and broad practical skills in chosen profession. Specific aims of the project can by qualified as:

– developing the ability of working in a group

– developing knowledge and skills concerning professional education of our students

– preparing participants for working in international teams

– developing knowledge concerning using English

– enhancing self-esteem of our students

– enhancing the opportunities of our students for gaining better employment after graduation

– improving school’s prestige in the region

– using good practices observed during the training in teaching

– developing the competences of teachers, as profession practitioners

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40 students of ZS im. W.S. Reymonta in Bren (24 students from the construction technician and 16 landscape architectures technician) came to Greece on 28th of October to start their two-week internships in frame of the project Development of young people through foreign internships”. In the mobility also 4 teachers have taken part. They were responsible for safety of the group, but also for support on different levels.

As it is second initiative in our cooperation, project implementation this time was much easier and more effective. We used to create before methods and models of communication, exchanging ideas and documents in order to ensure the best conditions for students who for the first time went abroad. Especially that they were working in Greece, not only visiting touristic places as people usually do. It demanded from all of us proper logistic and practical preparations which were made during almost 3 months period. We decided to give students opportunity to only develop themselves in scope of professional development, but also in scope of culture, attitudes and general knowledge. That’s why, despite the internship, they also took part in cultural program which was full of trips, history, great views and free time animations. After those activities students have known Greece much better, with its history, culture, habits and geography.

Cultural side was a big added value to the project. However, its most important part was internship which was implemented in cooperation with Fitoria Manosis-Tsakiridi and Efthimios Batalas. Those are important and well-known local companies, with recognized reputation in their fields. Students had opportunity to cooperate with experienced workers who were their mentors, responsible for distributing tasks, walkthroughs and other professional support needed. Teachers were also actively involved into process. Youngsters worked 8 hours per day in period of 12 days (10 working days + weekend). They carried their duties individually and in groups. They learnt how to work under pressure, to be on time and to be responsible for work outcome. They also gained a lot of knowledge connected to their professions, experience and new skills which help them in the future work. They found internship as a well-planned and great contribution to their personal development.

We hope that in following years we will have more students from ZS im. W.S. Reymonta in Bren as employers were really happy about their engagement and substantive background which helped them in daily work.

If you want to be updated with the project, please check facebook fanpage where you can find many photos and other interesting materials:ój-młodzieży-poprzez-zagraniczne-staże-zawodowe



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