I mobility within the project

First part of the Qualified European specialist from Dąbrowa Tarnowska project is behind us. 40 students from Zespół Szkół Ponadgimnazjalnych nr 2 w Dąbrowie Tarnowskiej just left the Greece after 12 days spent in hotel San Pantaleimon. They were here to have 80 hours’ internship in Greek companies from the sector of economy and hotels. They were accompanied by 4 teachers from their school, who made a great team with our mentors. Thanks to their work, students have safe environment to work, sightseeing and have fun.

During those almost two weeks, they had a chance to meet Greece much better. They were in Thessaloniki, which is the biggest city of northern part of our country. They have also seen Meteora, Old Pantaleimon, Litochoro and Olimp. Even the weather was not a barrier for us in exploring Greece more and more. Students were really satisfied as they had a chance to see beautiful landscapes and great architecture.

However, the most important part of their stay was internship which was supervised by our mentor team who supported development process. They were helping them with the duties, supporting them in hard moments, as for some of them it was first time in other country, which can create some cultural shock. During the internship, the could not only test their knowledge in conditions of real workplace, but also get some new vocational skills connected with their profession, gain great experience and develop soft skills, which are really important nowadays, as employers looking for people who are familiarized with them. That kind of a work, can give them impulse to self-development. It will also help them with choosing carrier path, which is not the easiest thing for people who are between 16 and 19 years old. They first step into adult life will be much more comfortable as they are more self-confident and aware of their skills and possibilities they have.

This is not the end of our job. In April we will have another group from Dąbrowa Tarnowska. This time, it will be 45 people from profession: Logistics, Trade and Hotel. Now it is time to evaluate our effort and draw conclusion, to make a stay of another group even better than this one. Students were satisfied, but we now that there is no ideal solutions. That’s why, we all the time do our best to improve and create better and better environment for young people, who are coming to Greece every year.

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