Between 14 and 25 September 2020, a group of 40 students from Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski School No. 4 in Warsaw, studying economics, tourist services technician and advertising organization technician, took part in a 12-day internship abroad, carried out as part of the project „Step towards Europe”.

During this time, the project participants implemented an apprenticeship programme, improving their existing professional skills, but also gaining new experience.

1) The Advertising Organization Technician has learned:

  1. a) Selecting promotion tools and means of presenting the advertising message.
  2. b) Developing price lists for advertising products and services.
  3. c) Distinguish between the elements of marketing.
  4. d) Preparation of a schedule for the preparation of advertising measures.
  5. e) Preparation of information regarding the advertising campaign.
  6. f) Preparing an advertising campaign.

2) Technician Economist has learned:

  1. a) Methods and manners of collecting market information by entrepreneurs.
  2. b) Preparation of sales documents in computer programs used in

the enterprise.

  1. c) Knowledge of standards related to the storage and preservation of goods.
  2. d) Carrying out sales price calculations using various methods.
  3. e) Stock management evaluations based on optimal stock levels.

3) The tourist service technician has learned:

  1. a) Organizing tourist activities.
  2. b) Organizing tourist events and services.
  3. c) Serving customers using tourist services.
  4. d) Settlement of tourist events and services.
  5. e) Implementation of tourist events and services.

In addition, during free time and weekend days, the group went on day trips to the monasteries in Meteora, a boat trip to the picturesque island of Skhiatos, visiting the second largest city of Greece – Thessaloniki and the local castle of Platamon, from which there is a view of the surrounding area, where the group is practicing.




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